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[Secret Tips] Grow 100 times more Affiliate Marketing Earning

Grow 100 times more Affiliate Marketing Earning
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

Grow 100 times more Affiliate Marketing Earning

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best sources of earning very very bloggers. Because it gives more revenue in return rather than regular Ads. Suppose you have 100 traffics only at the beginning of the blog, then I’m sure you can’t able to earn any revenue every day. Now suppose you are able to generate only 1 sell mean 1% sell every day. Then You can able to earn at least $50 if you follow my secret tips.

Grow 100 times more Affiliate Marketing Earning

Now, I’m sure you got some basic ideas about Affiliate marketing. Here in this post, I’m not going to talk about what’s affiliate marketing? How to do it and all? I’m sure these will help you more. You are also able to maximize your affiliate revenue by 100 times after following these tips.

My Story:

When I started blogging, I was completely working on growing my AdSense Revenue. I was not doing or even interested in affiliate marketing at all. But now I have more than 15 sites running simultaneously only depending on affiliate marketing. I also don’t use any Ads on that platform.

Most of the new bloggers, don’t know about affiliate marketing. Or some of them got feared after they heard the word called marketing. There also another group of bloggers who only knew about Amazon Affiliates. But trust me guys, Amazon is good but not that worthy of promoting.

There are lots of high paying affiliate platforms available on the Internet. Some of them also paying a maximum of 50-80% commission while Amazon is only up to 10%. So you can imagine what is the difference between these.

I personally also don’t use Amazon affiliates at all. I use lots of others while many of then offer recurring commission. So let’s talk about those in detail.

These are some secret which boosted my Affiliate Marketing Earning 100 times more than before.

Info-graphic: Grow 100 times more affiliate earning

  • Types of Product
  • Micro Niche
  • Keyword Related Product
  • Types of Content
  • Writing Content
  • Some high paying Websites

Now discuss these tips one by one.

Types of Product:

What types of products you want to sell that matters a lot in the game of affiliate marketing. Affiliate game is completely different from writing contents to earn money from AdSense Revenue. Although I have given you secret tips on how you can get 100 times more AdSense Revenue.

But if you want to become a master at affiliate then first you need to choose the product which you like. Or you have an interest in that product, why I’m telling you that you will know it soon.

After selecting the product groups, like if you choose Earphones or suppose Wireless Charging pads. Then you have to choose it’s according micro-niche.

Micro Niche:

If you follow my blog for some time then you might know this, that I’m always telling about Micro Niche. Because it is really important if you want to make this your profession or want to generate a good amount of earning every month. If you don’t know, still want to know more about Micro Niche. You can check out from here.

Micro Niche Tricks

Now gets back to the topic, after choosing Wireless Charger you need to its related keywords which have a good amount to traffic. Then you need to purchase a domain name according to the keyword.

And after purchasing the domain make sure you purchase good quality hosting. If you don’t about which the best and cheapest hosting, then you can check out Bluehost. I personally use Bluehost for my blogs. After purchasing hosting and setting up the blog, go to the next step or you can simply follow my guide book to know how to set up the best Micro Nich from scratch.

Keyword Related Product:

After setting up the blog, you have to find another set of you keywords on which you will write content. Yes, you have to write content. Not the only content good amount of content. So that your visitors will have the interest to know about the product which you are promoting.

GIF: Keyword Research

As much they know about the products, they will start to grow interested in those products. Eventually, They will purchase the products. So as much information you provide that much interest will grow inside them.

Types of Content:

Some bloggers will do the above things, although they could not able to convert their visitors to affiliate buyers. Because often their main focus was to share more and more links. That the biggest mistake they do.

In that case, types of content matter most, because as I mentioned you need to sound convincing. So you need to write content as you already used that product and you are sharing your review about the product after using it.

Lots of bloggers also do these things although they failed because most of their reviews looked fake. As most of them only write about positive things, that’s should not be done. If you want to sound convincing then you also need to write pros as well as some cons of the product. So that your visitors will find your review convincing and later on they will convert to your affiliate buyer.

There is a bonus tip for you which surely helps you at some point.

Some high paying Websites:

Although you have to choose products of your choice, I’m sharing some of my personal favorite affiliate programs on which might join.

NameCommission Type
amoCRMup to 50%
LeadpagesFlat 30%

All these I have mentioned above all are recuring based commission system which means whenever the buyers renew the plan you get a commission for a lifetime. I personally use these platforms more and more.

These are also some high paying travel affiliates which can try. These will pay you a good amount of commission after each sale. Here I also mentioned cookie durations, which means once some of your visitors click on that link. The link will save on your system for this number of days.

Brand Commission Structure Cookie Duration
TripAdvisor50%14 days
Travelpayouts Up to 80% 30 days
Expedia 2-6% 7 days
Marriott 3-6% 7 days
Travelocity 2-4% 45 days
Priceline 3-5% 30 days 4% 7 days
Hilton 4% 7 days
Hotwire 2% 7 days 4% On browser close

I hope this post will help you grow 100 times more Affiliate Marketing Earning as myself after applying these. Also, make sure you follow my Micro Niche Guide so that you will be able to create a perfect money-making Micro Niche Site.

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