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How to create a free blog to make money in 2021?

create a free blog to make money
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

How to create a free blog to make money in 2021?

Earning money online is not a big thing, but most of the new people struggle to do it. As most of them don’t know how to start their career online. So I’m going to share my personal tips to create a free blog to make money out of it. I’m also earning $500 daily AdSense revenue start from this method.

If I talk about my story, I also don’t have money in the initial stage to invest in my Blog. So I also create a free blog in just a few steps. After a few months, I started to earn money from it. My first Google AdSense Payment was $150 which was a great amount in 2015.

If you also don’t have money to create a blog then I’ll suggest you follow these steps to create a one. I’ll discuss everything here from creating a free blog to how you can generate money out of it.

How to create a Blog in Blogger in 2021?

To create a Blog on Blogger, you just need a Gmail Adress that’s it. If you have that one then you need nothing. You can create it within a minute. Then You have to follow these steps to create.

Creating a Gmail Account:

If you don’t have any Gmail Account then the first step to creating a Gmail Account which is really easy. You just need to go to and fill the following details to create an Email Account.

After going to the Gmail website you have to select for myself option.

Then fill the following information to create a Gmail account if you don’t have one.

After creating a Gmail account, now we are ready to create a free blog to earn money.

Creating Blog:

Then you have to go to, to create our Blog. Blogger is a completely free platform offered by Google on which any can start their blog. They can also able to earn money from that Blog.

After reaching on this page, click on the sign-in option to sign-in with your Gmail Account.

Then You will reach this page from where you have to select, Create Blog option to create a new Blog. This is the easiest way to create a free profitable Blog.

Choosing a Niche:

Choosing a Niche is very important for a Blog, Niche is basically a specific topic on which your website will be. For example- A Blog on Dog or Cat can be a niche on which you can also create a Blog.

There are lots of topics you can choose for your Blog. But As per my recommendation, always choose a niche which you like. So that later on, you can provide great quality content. You can also go for a Micro Niche Website, I’m earning $40000 per month from Micro Niche Site.

So now our next step is to give a name to our Blog. So try to give smaller name with 3 to 4 words. Because it will help you to rank on Google. So choose a Blog name wisely.

This is the name of the Blog, after selecting the name. You have to choose the URL on which your Blog will be visible on Google.

Like this as I showed here. Try to choose as small as you can, it will be better for the future.

Yeah!!! Your Blog is ready now. You can post your content and you can earn money from. Really! No, You have to follow some steps here.

Professional Looking Blog:

No, You have to give your Blog a professional and cool look. So that your visitors will love the look of the Blog. Also, professional-looking Blogs help to generate more traffic through Google. It also has some extra benefits which I’ll discuss in a bit.

Installing a Professional Theme:

First, you need to install a good looking professional Theme. For that go to the left corner and go to the Theme Option. And choose a theme from those, choose a Good Looking One.

After selecting and Applying the theme, we need to do the most important thing by which we will earn money.

Important Settings:

After installing the theme you need to make sure to do the following things, to get your website visible on Google. So make sure to change the following Settings one by one, after going to the Settings section.

  • Always turn the Visible to Search Engines option: To rank your post on Google.

  • Always turn on the HTTPS redirect option: It shows that your website is safe for the users.

  • Enable Search Meta Tags: It helps to rank the post on Google.

  • Always enable the Crawl Option: Because if you enable this one, then only Google Search Crawler crawls your website for Content and save it on their Database.

  • Enable Custom ads.txt: Custom ads.txt is very important for earning money from AdSense. So make sure you enable these settings. Because it is very important for the future.

These are the mandatory settings, you must follow these above ones to rank on Google.

Now your free blog is ready and you can also earn from this blog by posting content only.

How to Earn Money from Free Blog?

Now comes the main part, how to earn money from the free blog. You can easily earn money from Blogger let’s see how.

  • Joining¬† Google AdSense
  • Sponsor Content
  • Affiliate Marketing

These are the 3 primary ways by which you can earn money from your free Blog. There are lots of others but these are the very basic which pays well at the initial stage.

Joining Google AdSense:

Yes! You can join Google AdSense to show ads on your website. For that Google will pay you 55% of the ad revenue they get from their Advertisers.

It is the easiest way to earn money from a Blog. I’m also earning $500 a day from Google AdSense. If you are struggling in the beginning, then you can follow my free guide to 100x revenue from AdSense.

But apply for Google AdSense may be a bit hard for new Bloggers. But You can follow how-to approve Google AdSense Easily in 2021?

Sponsor Content:

You can also get sponsorship for your blogs easily. But for that, you should have a certain amount to traffic in your Blog. If you have a good amount of traffic in your blog then you can easily get sponsors for your Blog.

You can also charge them a good amount of money for a dedicated Blog Post. I generally charge $500 to $1000 per Blog Post.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can also do affiliate marketing in your Blog. Affiliate Marketing is basically referring products to your visitors. If your visitors purchase any product from your link then you will earn a certain amount of commission.

I’m also earning a decent amount of money from Affiliate Marketing. I’ve earned $21000 last month only from Affiliate Marketing.

Some Pro Tips:

These are some pro tips from me. If you’ve created your free blog by which I show. Then You should follow these tips these will help you to earn more money.

Custom URL:

If you are serious about Blogging, then you can also purchase a custom domain for your Blog. You can get a custom domain for $3 to $4.

But it is completely up to you. But It is recommended from my side.

Writing Content:

I’ll not mention more but I’ll suggest you write at least 1000 words articles on your blog post. This will help you to rank faster on Google.

Also, make sure to use all the different types of heading on your blog. This will help you in terms of SEO Factors to rank on Google.

Write High-Quality Articles in English. If you have a problem with English then you can install Grammarly Extension for Free of cost.

If you don’t know what is Grammarly then you can check out Grammarly Extension Review.

Create a free blog to make money Summary:

  • Create Gmail Account if you don’t have yet.
  • Create an Account on Blogger.
  • Choose Niche, Give a Name and URL.
  • Change Theme.
  • Change the following settings.
  • Install Grammarly Extension for Free.

Follow all these steps, You Free Blog will ready within some minutes. You will also start to earn very soon.

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