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First Steps to Built Your First Android App

Posted by Suraj Sarkar

First Steps to Built Your First Android App

Android App market is growing more than it was imagined two years back. Number of Smartphone users is also growing these recent days. One of the most important aspect is that number of Android Phone users are growing in large scale not only in India but also all over the World.

So if you are wanted to grow your career in the growing IT Sector then you should learn basics of how to design Android Applications. So that you can also make your career in the up growing Android Application development Market.

If you don’t know how start from basis then don’t worry, here I’ll make sure you will learn all the basic knowledge of the tools which requires to build your first Android Application by yourself.

Tools to build Android Application:

  • Android Studio
  • XML
  • Java/Kotlin
  • Google Firebase

These above mentioned tools are required to built basic as well as advanced Android Applications which are available online.

Android Studio:

Android Studio is where you do the magic of building awesome Android Applications. It is a free tool provided by Google. 99% of the World’s Android Applications build using Android Studio. It is very easy to learn. If you give at least 2 hours then you master it easily.

Android Studio is an open market tool by Google, anyone can download it and use it to make beautiful Android Applications. But before downloading it, make sure you have strong internet connection because it a heavy application which take a lot of memory and data to download.

XML (Extensible Markup Language):

XML, Extensible Markup Language is one of the most important part of Android Application. It gives look to your Android Application. Using XML coding , we design beautiful layout of Android Applications.

Although Android Studio provides drag and drop option to design the layout or front end of the application. But I prefer to use XML coding to do it so.


Java/Kotlin is the heart of any Android Application. You can one of these two languages to design functionalities of your Android Application. Although I prefer Kotlin to do so. Because for Kotlin is more easier to implement and it is also faster than Java. Before deciding you can also check the difference between Java and Kotlin.

Java doesn't support extension function.Kotlin allows users to create an extension function.
Deploying Code is not easy in Java.It's quite easier to deploy Kotlin code.
This feature is not available in Java. Smart cast feature is available in Kotlin.
It doesn't support Lambda function.It supports Lambda function.
Java support static members.Kotlin doesn't support static members.

Now You decide which one you want to pick to design your Android Applications. It is completely fine if you choose Java, it is also a great language. Mostly few years back most of the Android Applications were designed using Java only.

Google Firebase Console:

If you ever worked or designed a website, then you might have used database to store some files or text. For your Android Application, we also use database called Google’ Firebase Console. It is one of the most useful tools for designing Android Applications.

Not only to save data, we can also use it to authenticate LogIn and SignUp features of our Android Application. There are lot more we can do using Firebase.

It is also a complete free to use tool which you can implement in your Android Applications. Although some of the professional features might cost you. But mostly those are not required for your applications.

These are the most important tools by using these you can design your beautiful Android Applications. I hope you got some basic idea about Android Application and how to design it.

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