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Google Adsense Approval Trick 2021

Google Adsense Approval Trick
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2021

Google AdSense is the most used Ad Network for Content Creators all around the globe. It’s also the biggest Ad Publishers in the World. If we want to earn money from Online, then Google Adsense is one of the best sources of it. They quality Ads for any Blog.

We all know to earn from YouTube, we have to get approval from YouTube Team as per their policy. In that case, it is not in our hands. We just need to produce content in a timely manner. But to get AdSense Approval for our Blogs, it completely in our hand. We just need to follow some tricks to approval very soon.

I’ll share my personal tips on how I help people to get AdSense approval within a few weeks. I personally earning $500 per day from Google AdSense. It is not very hard you just follow these tips. I’m sure you will approval very soon.

But directly jump into that topic we should know about some things as well as some Google AdSense Policies.

Google Adsense Approval Trick

What’s Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the Ad Network by Google. It connects advertisers to their niche related publishers so that they can showcase their Ads. For the publishers, it helps to share a specific amount of Ad Revenues for showcasing ads on to their websites.

Process of Earning Money from Google AdSense

The process of earning from Google AdSense is not that hard. Once You get approval from them. You can earn by showing their ads on your Blog. Although earning depends on lots of factors.

  • Geographic Location
  • The niche of the Blog
  • Types of Ads Selection
  • CPC, CTR, and More

Geographic Location:

Geographic Location is one of the most important things about Google AdSense. Suppose A person is creating content from India might earn less than a Person creating content from the US.

But You can also rank your post anywhere in the World with these tips.

The Niche of the Blog:

Niche is basically on which you are posting content on your Blog. Like Sports is a Niche or Smartphone News can also be a Niche. But it is recommended to go with Micro Niche as it is more beneficial. You can also check out high paying AdSense Niches in the World, this will surely boost your earning.

Types of Ads Selection:

Google AdSense provides lots of different Ads Types. It also matters highly. Because you always have to choose the best ads types for your Blog. For my side always recommended using Text Ads. Although it depends on the quality of the content.

CPC, CTR, and More:

You can see lots of terms like CPC, CTR, and more on the AdSense Page. In all of those, CPC matters most. It means Cost Per Click which means what AdSense will pay you per ad click on your site.

How much Google AdSense Pay?

Google doesn’t pay the full amount of money given by the Advertisers to Publishers. They took a certain amount of commission from each Ad shown. They took around 33% commission and the rest is for the Publishers.

So Google takes some amount of commission from your earning for helping you to connect with Advertisers.

How Google AdSense pays Money?

Google AdSense follows a certain way of sending money to start from the Approval process. After approval, you can show ads on your site.

After earning $10, you have to verify your address physically. For that Google will send you a secret pin by courier to your given address. Then you need to put the pin to the specific page. After that, you have to add your Bank Account details.

Finally, after completing the $100, you get the payment directly to your bank account. Google sends payment after the 15th of each month. So if it is delaying don’t get panic.

Google AdSense Policies:

Google follows strict policies before approving any website for their Ad Network. These are really strict policies. You read these carefully and follow these before applying for AdSense. Google follows these policies strictly so if you don’t follow these then you will get a permanent ban of your AdSense Account.

Don’t Promote Illegal Content:

Don’t ever try to promote or showcase illegal products on your Blog. This will surely Ban your AdSense account.

Selling Malicious and Unwanted Software:

Although you can write Software Review on your Blog. But it is completely unethical of promoting unwanted software. So make sure don’t do this kind of practice.

No 18+ Content:

Google AdSense doesn’t promote 18+ content ads. That’s why they also don’t support it also. So don’t promote such content. It is not supported by the AdSense policy.

Child Sexual and Abusive Content:

If you are working on a Child niche then make sure you this policy. Also never ever try to promote as content, this kind of practice will lead you to a permanent ban from Google AdSense.

Selling Harmful things:

Selling Harmful products like selling drugs, Snakes, and more are considered as a crime. These also not applicable to AdSense Ad policies.

So make sure you follow these above policies before applying for Google AdSense. These are really very important things. After if you make these changes then you can follow the below tricks to get AdSense Approval.

Secret Google Adsense Approval Trick

Professional and Light Weight Design:

Google SEO always prefers websites which are having very good loading speed. That’s why Google AdSense also a website that has good loading speed. So if your website doesn’t load with good speed then you should follow these steps before applying to AdSense.

  • Light Weight Theme: It is recommended from our side is to use a light weighted theme so that your website’s loading speed will increase. For that, you can use these themes below. These will surely improve your site speed.
  • Hosting: For good website speed, Hosting also plays a Big Role. So if you are using WordPress then you should opt for good quality hosting like BlueHost. BlueHost always helps me to get Google AdSense approval. And it also helps me to increase my search visibility on Google.


This is the first thing you should do. After doing this let’s move on to the next tips.

Mandatory Pages:

For quick Google, AdSense approval should have to have some basic pages. As per Google AdSense policy, these pages are mandatory for any Blog. So make sure you add these pages before applying.

  • Contact Us Page: It’s mandatory to Contact Us page on the website. Don’t worry much, you just need to add a simple consisting of a contact form or you can also add some contact details like Email Id. That’s completely fine, but make sure you have a proper Contact Us Page.

Google Adsense Approval Trick

You can simply create this kind of Contact form easily using the Contact Form 7 Plugin.

  • About Us Page: You also need to have a proper About Us Page on your Blog. On that page, you have to mention about your Blog. This page is also mandatory for AdSense Approval.
  • Privacy and Policy: This is also a must-have page before applying for AdSense. You have to create a separate page as Privacy and Policy. On this page, you have to mention all your privacy and polices of your Blog.

These are the mandatory pages as per Google AdSense Policy. So make sure you create these pages then follow the next tips.

Quality Content:

Google always prefers blogs which provide values to their visitors. Suppose you have a product and you want to promote then surely you will choose the best places to promote it. Similarly, Google also prefers the best places to promote its Advastisers products or services.

That’s why they prefer good quality content. For that make sure you write the best quality content before applying for AdSense. These are the thing you need to improve.

  • No Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes: Make sure when you are writing content, you write it without any grammatical mistakes. If you have a problem with writing English then you can use Free Plug-in: Grammarly which will help you to write great quality content. Grammarly helps to improve English with simple mouse clicks.

  • Length of the Content: Some people might argue with me, I found that the length of the content is also really important. So always try to produce more than 1000 words articles. If you face issues write long content then you can also write 500 to 600 words article. But believe if you are able to write long content then it will help you in the future.

If you are from the US then you install Grammarly from here for Free from Us.

The number of posts:

Before applying for AdSense make sure you have a sufficient number of posts on your Blog. As our recommendation, you should have more than 10 to 15 posts. If you have that number of pages then surely you will get AdSense approval on your Blog.

Mandatory things to do:

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, then you are ready to get your AdSense approval. Although you have followed these things also.

  • Make sure you submit your sites on Google Search Console.
  • Make you have some traffic from Google. If you don’t know how to get traffic from Google then you can follow these secret tips this will surely help you.

So make sure you follow these tricks, I’m sure you’ll get your AdSense Approval within 24 – 48hrs of applying.

Special Tips for Bloggers:

If you are using the Blogger platform, then make sure you purchase a Custom Domain name. This will help you to get approval quickly. I think it is better to invest something for your business as you already created your blog for free.

So follow these Google Adsense Approval Trick and get your AdSense. After that let me know does it help you or not? You can also read more important content from below

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