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Grammarly Extension Review for Content Writing

Grammarly Extension Review
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

Grammarly Extension Review for Content Writing

Grammarly Extension Review: Content is the king for any website or blog so your content always needs to be the best. But most of the new bloggers after doing everything failed to deliver good content. For that their blog can’t able to rank on Google.

Grammarly Extension Review

Another thing happened with lots of new as well as experienced bloggers that they often do mistakes like spelling and all. But they can’t able to find their mistakes for that they didn’t get good results.

There is also another kind of person who wants to start their blog but language becomes a barrier for them. Although Google allows creating a blog in their own languages and they can also monetize the blog with AdSense. But their content remains within a small group of people. For this, their earning becomes very low at the end of each month.

Grammarly Extension Review for Content Writing

Tha’s why I recommend everyone to start a blog in English. Because English is a global language reach of English is much more than any other language. I also operate my all websites in English only. You all know I’m earning almost $20,000 per month from Google AdSense and more than $10,000 from Affiliate marketing every month.

At the start of my career, I also facing issues regarding writing content in English. That time I got to know about Grammarly Extension for Chrome. Although Initially, I started with the free version then I moved to the paid version.

Why Grammarly Extension important?

Grammarly Extension is easy to install Google Chrome extension which helps to write quality English content for Blog. It is completely easy to install. And while you write the content will help you to correct your spelling as well as grammar.

This extension is revolutionary for every blogger out there. After installing this extension, I have improved my content easily.

How to install Grammarly Extension?

It is very easy to install Grammarly Extension on your Chrome Browser. It only takes two clicks to install it. You just click here you will be redirected to Grammarly’s website.

After that click on the Add to Chrome and mostly it is free to install for the free version. No Trail period, you can use as many days as you want to use. Grammarly has both a free and premium version.

What are the benefits of the Free Grammarly Version?

Grammarly Free Version gives few benefits as per me which are decent enough. The benefits are Critical grammar and spelling checks and Conciseness. These two benefits are good to improve spelling and basic works.

But I would recommend you to go for the premium version as it gives lots of benefits.

What are the benefits of the Grammarly Premium Version?

Grammarly Premium version provides lots of extra benefits. These benefits will help to write the best content. As they provide these extra features of Readability, Vocabulary enhancement suggestions, Genre-specific writing style checks, and Plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages.

These features are really very important to write great content for your blog. As per myself, I can say there are no extensions like this in the market which provide these kinds of features.

Difference between Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

These are side by side comparisons between Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium Extension.

Price of Grammarly Premium Extension:

I already mentioned what are the main features of Grammarly Premium Extension. I’m also using the premium version for a long time that’s why I can recommend you. The price of the premium version is not that huge. Especially if you want to do blogging seriously then you should invest your money in it. This will help you to create much better content than you are doing now.

I always recommend you to buy the annual plan as it is more affordable. Although it is completely up to you which you want to purchase. If you want to purchase then you can purchase from here, then you get an extra bonus discount from us.

Install Grammarly for FREE

Honestly speaking, if you don’t have money to buy the premium version now. No worries get the free version and improve your writing till some point. I also used the free version of it at the beginning. So be positive start from today.

Overall as per my Grammarly Extension Review, it helps me a lot to provide the best quality content I can ever do.

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