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500+ High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2021

High Paying Affiliate Programs
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

500+ High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of earning online. Affiliate Marketing always pays you more than you can imagine. If you are able to use it properly then it might never hurt you at all. I personally earning $25000 per month by only Affiliate Marketing. Apart from earning $500 per day from Google AdSense, It is also a good option for me, as I’m earning more here. But most of the new people can’t able to find a high paying affiliate site. So here I’m mentioning 500+ High Paying Affiliate Programs, you can join.

I’m also using these sites for a long time. I saw most of the new bloggers or influencers went for the Amazon Affiliate. But trust me they are only giving you 5-10% commission on each sale. But these affiliate programs will pay you 40% commission per sale. Some of them also pay up to 75% commission on each sale. So you can say these are the highest paying affiliate niches. 

If you want to grow as an affiliate or want to earn more money from online then you should go for affiliate marketing. Although Google AdSense revenue is also not that bad, if you want to target big then you should opt this. So first let’s talk about affiliate marketing and how to start it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a blogger or an Influencer then you should know about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is basically referring products to followers or visitors on your website. This is the basic definition of affiliate marketing.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing can be done using lots of ways like you can use your existing Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Or if you have a website then also you can do it. If you don’t have a website then you should create a one. There are lots of other ways like Email Marketing and more.

What are the tools for Affiliate Marketing?

There are lots of tools available in the market by following these you can earn more. Here I’m also referring you some tools by which you can also do this in a better way.

First of all, if you are using WordPress to create your affiliate website. Then you should affiliate plugins like ReHub which I use for my affiliate sites. It gives you special features like Social Community Button, Price comparison option, and more.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Starting an Affiliate website is very easy. First, you need to start a website by purchasing a Domain and decent hosting. For Hosting, you can choose BlueHost as I’m using it for most of my affiliate websites. Blue Host gives lightning fast website opening speed which helps you to rank at the top on Google.

After installing WordPress, you install an affiliate theme and start promoting products online. After designing new websites, you should need to provide great quality content so that your visitors will feel more connected with reviews. For that, you need to provide great quality content, to improve your content you should install Grammarly Extension.

You will start earning within a few months.

How to choose the best affiliate programs for beginners?

Choosing a high paying affiliate niche is very important for beginners. As you a new blogger then you might not get a good amount of traffic in the initial stage. So that you have to choose high paying affiliate websites which will give you more money less sell.

For choosing a high paying niche is very important at the beginning of your career. Apart from this, you should also have to know my secrets on how I increase my affiliate earning to 100 times more.

How to find high paying affiliate programs?

Finding high paying affiliate programs some times gets hard. But don’t worry, I’ll share some of my personal tips and as well as a list of 500+ High Paying Affiliate programs in 2021.

These programs will give you a 20% to 40% commission on each sale. Some of them also provide more than that of almost 75% per sale. So you can imagine how much you can earn from Affiliate Marketing.

There are also lots of programs that will give a recurring commission for a lifetime. That means once you refer someone then you can sleep and earn money without any tensions.

How to promote high paying affiliate programs?

You might have some doubts regarding how you can promote high paying affiliate programs. Then it is really easy to do as I mentioned above you should have a Website. And you also have some ideas about you can drive more traffic to your blog. If you don’t know then you can follow my secret tips to generate 100 times more traffic from Google. Or You can also do it through Instagram which will give you a lot of sales organically.

I personally use Instagram to promote high-value products. I earned $1200 commission just with one sale. Yes, You can also do this.

List of High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2021:

These are the top 500+ High Paying Affiliate Programs which you can join in 2021. I will discuss some of my favorite programs, make sure you must join these.

I’m generating passive revenue worth $25000 per month by using these platforms. I’ll also share the complete list with different niche wise so that you can choose high paying affiliate sites as per your niche.

Website and Blogging Niche:

Fiverr Affiliates:

Fiverr Affiliates is one of the highest paying websites in the World. If you don’t know about Fiverr then let me tell you. Fiverr is the world’s biggest platform for Freelancers. World’s almost every influencer is on Fiverr and people are also purchasing lots of gigs from Fiverr every day.

So you can refer your visitors to buy gigs from there. You will surely earn a good amount of commission on each sale. Although the commission amount depends on the value of the gigs purchased by the buyer.

  • $15-50 CPA A dynamic CPA depending on what service your first-time buyer purchases.
  • $150 per sale commission for Fiverr Pro.
  • You can also earn $1000 per sale depends on the value of the Gigs.

Blue Host Affiliates:

If you are working on a Blogging or Internet Marketing niche, then Blu Host can be a very good program for you. Blue Host is the Hosting provider. It is also one of the best Hosting Providers in the World. I’m also using their Hosting for my blogs.

If you refer someone on Blue Host then you can earn the following referral bonus on each sale.

  • $65 for each Successful sale.

Hostinger Affiliates:

Hostinger is also an affordable Hosting provider in the World. The most important thing about their hosting is that they provide Hosting at a really affordable range. That’s why most of the new blogger prefers them. So you can also refer them to Hostinger.

One of the most important thing about Hostinger is that they also provide country-specific Hosting. So you have the option to promote the country specifically.

  •  60% commission for each sale.

HostGator Affiliates:

HostGator is one of the best hosting providers in the World. HostGator provides lots of coupons to the Affiliates so that you can promote those coupons. You can also get a commission from that also.

  • Rs.3000 per sign up for India.
  • For the US, it is $50 per sign up

Liquid Web:

Liquid Web is also one of my favorite affiliates platforms. As are providing a great amount of referral commission on each sale. You can earn $70-$150 per sale commission.

  • Liquid Web gives 150% per commission.

Best VPN Affiliate Programs:

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a really important service for travelers. It is also very important for those people who want to surf the Internet safely. There are lots of VPN Providers who are paying a good amount of affiliate commissions to their Affiliates. I also promote some of the VPNs, as they are really easy to promote. As well as the brands also provide a good amount of commission on each sale.

Surf Shark VPN:

Surf Shark VPN is the World’s one of the leading VPN providers. It is already one of the popular brands because of their awesome marketing. For that, it is already a trustworthy service. That’s why you can promote it easily.

Surf Shark offers a 40% commission on each sale which is really amazing. Mostly the approval process is also very easy for Surf Shark. If you also have a YouTube channel, then you will surely get more commission from them.

  • 40% Commission on each sale.

Express VPN:

Express VPN is one of the affordable VPN services available in the market. They also provide dedicated services like 30 days moneyback guarantee which makes them more popular.

  • Commission- $36 per sale.

Strong VPN:

Strong VPN is the World’s one of the oldest VPN service providers they are proving services since 2006. They share commission up to 100% for each sale.

  • On average you will earn a 40% commission on each sale.

There are also lots of other VPN Affiliate Programs. You can check out below with all the details including commissions on each sale.

Name Commission
Norton VPN Affiliate Program20% per sale
FastestVPN Affiliate Program60% per sale
Private Internet Access VPN Affiliate Program33% per sale
NordVPN Affiliate Program
40% per sale
TunnelBear VPN Affiliate Program
50% per sale
Avast Affiliate Program
35% per sale
Panda Security Affiliate Program
Up to 35% per sale
AVG Technologies Affiliate Program
25% per sale
F-Secure Affiliate Program
Up to 25 % per sale
Tiger Direct Affiliate Program
3% per sale

Website Affiliate Programs:

Websites are really important for every Business. So lots of small business owners are shifting towards business website. Most of them don’t want to go for coding things. Lots of them are also unaware of WordPress or Blogger. They don’t even know how to create a free blog and earn money from it.

You have targeted those people and need to recommend them Website building tools like Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. These platforms provide a great commission 0n each successful referral.


WIX is the premium website building tool with more than 100 million users. They are marketing their services really well with YouTube and Social Media Ads. You can also promote their services to your users. They also provide a very good amount of commission on each sale.

  • Flat $100 per sale commission


There are not so many people exists who don’t know about Shopify. Shopify is a premium online store builder. They have more than 600,000 active stores on their server. They are also one the first choice for creating Online Stores.

They also provide an awesome affiliate commission for each referral. They also provide exclusive tips for their affiliates so that they can share it in a better way.

  • 200% bounty commission on each sale.


BigCommerce is a popular service based e-commerce store builder. They provide awesome quality stores, especially newcomers. They are services that are most popular among new store creators.

They also provide a great affiliate commission for each affiliate sales. Not only that they are also providing special SEO tips for their Affiliates.

  • 200% Bounty payment.
  • Commission ranges between – $60, $160, $250 or $1500 per sale


Weebly is a very simple website builder tool. By which you can design good quality websites simple within a few minutes. They have more than 40 million active users who use their services.

  • 40% Recurring Commission for a lifetime.

There are a few more website affiliate programs that you can promote. All the details and the affiliate commission details mentioned below.

Name of Affiliate ProgramsCommissionsCookie Duration
Wix$100 per sale90 days
BigCommerce 200% per sale30 days
ClickMeter90% per sale90 days
ReferralCandy$20 per sale30 days
Sellfy25% (Recurring Commission) 90 days
Weebly30% (Recurring Commission) 120 days
3dcart300% per sale45 days
Site123$100 - $200 per sale90 days
Shopify200% per sale90 days

Credit Card Affiliate Programs:

Credit card and finance-related products always provide the best commission to their Affiliates. I also mentioned on my Google AdSense Guide that how I’m earning 100 x more revenue by creating finance sites. Credit Card and Banks are providing a huge amount of commission for their affiliates.

If you have a finance-related website, then you can promote these services these will pay you more than anyone. With that, you will also able to generate more revenues through AdSense. Although sometimes it becomes hard to promote such products, as the high competition niche. If you have a good idea about how to rank your sites higher on Google then you can easily rank these sites.

These are the topmost paying credit card affiliate programs that you can promote on your blog.

Name of the AffiliateCommissionCookie
TransUnion$20 per sale45 days
NetQuote$2.5 - $20 CPL based30 days
QuickBooks7% per lead45 days
Equifax$10 - $40 per sale30 days
Liberty Mutual$3-$7 CPL based30 days
Freshbooks$5 per lead generation,
$55 per sale
45 days
Commission SoupVarious
Bankrate Credit CardsVarious

High Paying Fitness Affiliate Programs:

Fitness Affiliate programs are the easiest to promote. Because it has lots of Google Searches, you can promote an unlimited number of products in this category. If you have good followers on Social Media then it can be a heavenly category for you.

You can able to generate a lot of traffic in this category. Google has billions of searches in a single day on this category only. If you can able to rank your blog faster in this category then you can earn $25000 per month like me. As I’m also earning that amount each month with Affiliate marketing.

I can also generate a good amount of sales from Social Media Sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also join the below fitness affiliate programs to earn money.

Name of the AffiliateCommission
Natalie Jill Fitness 30% - 50% on each sale
ACE Fitness8% on each sale
All Volleyball5% on each sale up to $250, plus flat fee of $30
Pro Form8% - 11% on each sale
Net2Fitness8% on each sale
Workout Warehouse8% - 11% on each sale
24 Hour Fitness $20 per sale
Wahoo7.5% - 10% on each sale
Bowflex3% on each sale
Horizon Fitness8% on each sale
Titan Fitness5% on each sale
JumpSport8% on each sale
Lifeline Fitness 10% on each sale
Hitch Fit 8% on each sale
Evolve Fit Wear6% on each sale
University For Weight Loss Science 10% on each sale
Kickoff8% on each sale
PaleoPlan 75% on each sale
FitReserve$50 on each sale
South Beach Diet$30 on each sale

High Paying Travel Affiliates:

Traveling is the World’s one of the most popular thing. There are lots of people searching for travel deals. Because there are lots of people who always wanted to travel within a specific budget.

Travel deals sites are one of the most popular Blogs available in the market. So if you are a Travel Blogger or if you have a good following on Instagram or any other Social Media sites. Then You can do this easily.

Travel Affiliate sites are also high paying. As well as the price of the purchase also plays a big role here. Because People also spend a good amount of money for Traveling. So there is a very good chance that you might earn a huge amount of commission from these.

These are some really high paying travel affiliate sites that you can join.

Name of the AffiliateCommissionCookie Duration
Booking.com4% on each saleOnly Active Browser
Hotwire2% on each sale7 days
TripAdvisor50% on each sale14 days
TravelpayoutsUp to 80% on each sale30 days
Marriott3% - 6% on each sale7 days
Expedia2% - 6% on each sale7 days
Hotels.com4% on each sale7 days
Hilton4% on each sale7 days
Priceline3% -5% on each sale7 days
Travelocity2% - 4% on each sale45 days

High Paying Fashion Affiliate Programs:

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Fashion Affiliate Program is the best for those people who have a very good amount of Social Media Followers. Especially Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms to promote Fashion Products.

Although You can also promote fashion products by creating a free blog can also be a great option. Mostly Social Media influencers are playing a big role here. So it is recommended for us to have an Instagram Account to promote such content.

These are the World’s best fashion affiliate programs that you can try out. These will give you a great amount of commission on each sale.

Name of AffiliateCommissionCookie Duration
H&M7.4% on each sale30 days
Lane Bryant5% on each sale15 days
MVMT Watches10% on each sale15 days
Newchic18% on each sale60 days
True Religion7% on each sale7 days
Eddie Bauer5% on each sale7 days
ModCloth7% on each sale45 days
Warby Parker20% on each sale45 days
Stitch Fix4% on each sale7 days
JNCO Jeans20% on each sale30 days

High Paying Makeup Affiliate Program:

Like Fashion, makeup is also a very popular category among women. There are billions of Google Search regarding this category. This category is also very popular for Social media influencers.

So if you have a good amount of followers on Social Media Channels like Instagram or Facebook. Then this category can be very beneficial for you.

There are lots of influencers who are earning in millions every year by promoting makeup products. These below-mentioned affiliates are high paying in the World.

Name of the AffiliateCommissionCookie Duration
AvonUp to 10% on each sale30 days
BH Cosmetics8% on each sale60 days
Sephora5% - 10 % on each sale24 hrs
Madison Reed$20 on each sale30 days
Beautytap7.5% on each sale7 days

High Paying Music Affiliate Programs:

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Music products are one of the trendiest products available online. There are lots of different kinds of products which you can review. Traffic on these niches is growing day by day. If you can able to rank your post on Google then you can easily earn a solid amount of commission from these affiliates.

These items can give you a very good amount of commission on every sale. The commission can rise up to 40% on each sale. Check out the highest paying music affiliates.

Name of the AffiliateCommissionCookie Duration
Guitar Center6% on each sale14 days
SingoramaUp to 70% on each sale60 days
zZounds6% on each sale45 days
Musician’s Friend4% on each sale14 days
Sam Ash10% on each sale60 days

High Paying Sports Affiliate Programs:

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Sports goods markets are rising day by day. This niche is also getting a good amount of visitors from search engines. It is a very good niche for people who are creating sports videos online. So Facebook and YouTube can be a great platform for promoting such items.

From there anyone can able to generate a very good amount of sales each month. So don’t miss this chance.

Name of the AffiliateCommissionCookie Duration
Dick’s Sporting Goods5% per sale10 days
Fanatics10% per sale7 days
FanDuel$30 per sale-
TaylorMade Golf5% per sale30 days
Under Armour5% per sale30 days

These are the world’s 500+ High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2021, you can join to earn money. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best sources of earning money online. So you can try out as per your niche. I hope this article will help you to choose the best affiliate platform for yourself.

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