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How I earned $25000 by a selling website?

$25000 by a selling website
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

How I earned $25000 by a selling website?

Yes! I have earned $25000 by selling a single unused website. I have sold almost 5-6 websites each year. Believe me, I have earned most of my revenues by selling websites each year. Last year in 2019, I have earned $160,000 from only this business which is the highest revenue provider for me.

I’m sure most you guys don’t know about this. Most of the bloggers are aware of either affiliate marketing or earning AdSense review. In my sense whose are good ways to earn a stable amount of money, by which I’m also generating lots of reviews every year especially with my special tricks.

But I think if you want to do some big things, then you should try more things like this. I also haven’t known about this. But in 2018, I get to know about it. After that, I started to work on it, and later on, it took me to a new height.

After reading this, you might go some introduction about it. Now let’s take a deep dive into the complete details. I’m sure you will get a complete idea of it from scratch.

Before getting into these above topics in detail, let’s discuss which types of websites you can sell. Because you might have this question about what type of websites can be sold. In one word, You can sell almost any kind of website you can. Although these are some recommended types of websites that can sell and these will give you more bucks.

 Types of Websites:

  • eCommerce Websites
  • Affiliate Websites
  • AdSense Websites
  • SaaS Business

eCommerce Websites:

eCommerce Websites are basically where you sold your products. So it means the primary source of earning is by selling products. Those products can be yours or can be others. These sites will give more product than most of there other sites mention here.

Affiliate Websites:

Earning $30000 from Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Websites are one of the most profitable options you can imagine. These sites will you around $30000 per site easily. But make sure, you will create a profitable niche affiliate site. For that, you can check my guide book on how I created these types of websites.

AdSense Websites:

Yes! You read it write. You can sell your AdSense sites also. Some People asked me on Social Media Platform and my Classes also about this. Their main question is can they sell AdSense sites.

Yes, You can sell. At first, only business websites can be sold but nowadays. I also sold 3 websites last year.

Saas Websites:

These types of websites can give you around $100,000 to more than that. These sites are basically service-based sites which meant their primary income is from selling particular services link some security services or Web Hosting like these.

These types of services are most in-demand. But to create these kinds of websites you also need to invest a huge amount of money. But the above-mentioned ones, you can create within $10 only.

Now let’s discuss how you can create those kinds of sites from which you will be able to earn that much amount of money after each sell. By following these, I also have $25000 by a selling website.

Earning money by selling website

Process of Selling Website:

  • Buy Expired Old Domains
  • Design Beautiful Optimized Website
  • Micro Niche Site
  • Work Hard on it for Sometime

Buy Expired Domains:

You can also start with new fresh domains but expire domains are really very good in terms of SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization by which you get traffic on your website. So before selling your site to anyone, you should have profitable sites especially sites with a good amount of traffics.

So if you purchase expire domains and if you worked smartly on that site. Then there is a huge chance of getting huge revenue from this site.

If you don’t know how to purchase profitable Expired Domains in 2020 then you can check out this post. I’m sure this will help you a lot.

Design Beautiful Optimized Websites:

I’m sure everyone including you before purchasing anything. You look at the product as to how it looks. So the same works here, You have designed a beautiful website. As beautiful that anyone will fall into love with it after watching it for the first time.

Lots of developers can develop beautiful websites but most of the time those sites are not optimized. But create a business, your website should have optimized means which should open very fast. If you don’t know how to create that kind of optimized site then you can check out my eBook on Site Optimization and more.

Micro Niche Site:

Micro Niche is the game of earning money online. If you don’t know this then you might not able to earn anything online. You should learn this thing very first after that anything following it.

If you don’t know how to do it then you should my eBook, I’m sure after reading it you can easily create a Micro Niche site. After more than 50000 people read this book and earning an active a good amount of money each month.

Work Hard for Sometimes:

Yes! Hardworking is also a very important thing which you should invest in it. Because to do the above steps, you only need to invest only $10 as per my tricks. So if you want to convert your $10 to $25000, then you should have to invest your time.

You need to work at least 6 months to 1 Year to earn this amount of money. But if you want to take my opinion then I will suggest you work at least 1.5 Years to 2 Years. So that you will get more amount of money by selling each site.

List Your Website to the Seller/Broker’s Site:

After completing these above steps as I mentioned. You need to list your websites to the broker or Sellers site. After listing your sites, they will do everything from you after you sign the contract. Then they will take care of your site and they will do everything like Marketing and all. You need to pay anything extra to them. They will take a certain amount of commission after your websites sell.

There are few broker’s sites on which you can list your websites. These sites are completely safe and secure. After listing your sites, you can relax and wait for the broker’s reply and cash on your account.

These are some websites where I listed my websites to sell. You can also list your sites on these platforms.


Flippa is one of the best websites where you can sell your websites at the beginning of your journey. It means if you are new in this game of Selling Website, I personally also started from here.

Later on, I have moved to some more advanced sites like Latona’s and I have earned most of my revenues from this site.


Latona’s is one of the best business selling platforms in the world. If you list your website on this platform then they will provide you a manager specifically for you which is the best thing for me.

Here you can list your site here. At least you will earn $20,000 as low. But It can grow to up $50,000 for AdSense and Affiliate Websites. And suppose you have a SaaS website then you can easily earn $100,000 to $150,000 easily.

If you want to earn more rather than only AdSense Revenue and Affiliates, then you can try this thing. I’m sure you will get to earn a huge chunk of money at once. But You should need to make sure that you should have followed these above steps. Mainly you should have a beautiful and optimized website which you can able to design by reading my special secret tricks.

So make sure if you follow these, then you will definitely earn a good amount of money each year after working a little bit harder and smarter.

This the way how I have $25000 by a selling website. So if you want you can also follow these steps.

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