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How I’m earning $500 in a Day from Blogging?

Earning $500 per day from Blogging
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

How I’m earning $500 in a Day from Blogging?

Yes! I’m earning $500 per day by working online. Lots of people asked me, is it really possible to earn that amount of money each month. I always show them the proof of my Adsense revenue page. Although Adsense is not my primary source of income. Apart from AdSense, I used lots of other online sources which I will mention today. Here is the complete process of how I’m earning $500 per day from Blogging.

All these sources which I’m going to mention all are completely authentic and real. And I’m doing this for almost 3 years. But believe me or not, I have not earned a single penny in the first 2 years. But I have not lost my hope. These are below mentioned things are my source of Income by these I’m earning more than $25,000 each month.

  • Blogging
  • Website Reselling
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling My Courses
  • Developing Small Apps

earning $500 in a day from blogging


As I mentioned in the title, I’m earning $500 per month by Blogging. Although it is not my primary source of earning. I make my most earning by the second process of Website Resale. For me, it is the best way of earning money. Let’s just get back to blogging.

Like most of the new bloggers, I started with a smartphone news blog which was the worst decision of my life. Then I converted that worst thing to the best thing by using some simplest tricks. After applying those tricks within a couple of months, I’m able to generate $100 per day. So let’s discuss some tricks which I applied to.

First of all, I learned to things keyword research and the Ad Revenue system.

Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is basically finding those special words on which people are searching on Google but Google doesn’t have related articles according to those keywords. It is a very easy thing if you get to learn those special tricks which I have discussed in a specific post.

So if you want to learn those tricks then you can follow those thicks from the Keyword Research post.

Ad Revenue System:

Getting traffic is easy but after getting those traffics earning money is not that easy. So initially after getting, I’m unable to generate revenue from that traffic. Then I learned about a special technique, using this technique I’m able to generate more money with less traffic.

As an example: At first, I was working on Keywords based on India and I was getting CPC of $0.01 to $0.10 which is very low. Then I started to work in countries like Germany, Switzerland, after that I’m getting CPC of $5 to almost $20 which is great.

I will discuss Keyword Research and the Ad Revenue System in the sperate post from where you can learn those tricks in detail.

Website Reselling:

As I mentioned above it is my best source of earning, it gives me most of my yearly revenue believe me or not. You can buy a new BMW or Marcedizes by selling one of your websites. I will show you one of my website selling contracts a proof. So after reading this you might have some questions let’s discuss this in brief.

What’s Website Reselling?

Website Reselling is basically selling your sites which are doing well. Now you might have a question that if doing well then why selling it.

Why should I sell my website?

Suppose you have created a website and You are working on it for a couple of months or years. After some time you might lose interest on that website then you can easily sell it.

How much I can earn by selling a website?

In simple words, you can earn $25000 minimum if you sell your website. I am showing the below screenshot in which I got an offer to sell this site. But I haven’t because it is one of those first websites.

Yes! It is a huge amount in a chunk if you plan to sell your unused websites to anyone. I sell almost 4-6 websites each year. By selling those, I have earned around $110,000 each year which is great. You can check out my dedicated post on website resale from here where I have mentioned how to sell and where to sell.

Affiliate Marketing:

You might hear lots of things about it. You might also read some articles on the internet also about sharing Amazon Product links and earning money out of it. But frankly speaking, I don’t consider them as affiliate marketing.

Because if you used this way you can able to earn money but not a good amount. But I also use affiliate marketing to earn almost an extra $5000 per month interestingly I didn’t use Amazon.

I use lots of high paying affiliate sites which gives me 50 times more commission than Amazon. I have mentioned about those secrets websites over here, don’t forget to check those out. I’m sure you will be able to generate more from these sites.

Selling My Courses:

I used to sell blogging courses online like through FB Groups. I was teaching people about blogging and earning money from the Internet from scratch. I used to charge them $100 to $200 per course. By selling those courses, I was able to earn around $6000 to $7000 in a chunk.

At the end of each course, I also provide them complete handbook of which I teach them. I also sold those books through Amazon and Google Books for $50 per download. But from last year, I stopped teaching people as it is taking a lot of time.

I still sold those ebooks for $50 per download through Amazon and Google Books. But I will give these books to the first 10000 people who are reading this post for just $1.99. Let’s see who are those lucky ones.

Developing Small Apps:

I started this thing just a couple of months back. Because mobile applications are the future of online marketers. So I started developing it but here is the main catch, I haven’t learned android studio or I haven’t learned any programming languages to do it.

I develop Android Application with drag and drop technique only which is really easy as well as profitable for me. Here I have shown you how you can design your first Android Mobile Application Step by Step.

Android Mobile Application thing will change the game within a couple of years. So it is better to start it now.

These are my 5 primary techniques by using these techniques, I’m able to earn more than $25,000 each month from the only website thing.

Apart from this, I also used other sources to generate revenue. I will discuss those future posts. Although if you wanted to be within the first 10000 people to get my secret handbook at a 99% discount then you can go it. Get the ebook for $1.99 or you can purchase it from Google Books or Amazon Kindle for $50.

So this is how I’m earning $500 in a Day from Blogging from Google AdSense. You can also follow these steps to rock the world of Blogging. Follow us on FaceBook.

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