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Secret Tips to Rank Blog faster on Google in 2021

Rank Blog faster on Google
Posted by Suraj Sarkar

Secret Tips to Rank Blog faster on Google in 2021

If you are a new blogger then this post is going to help a lot. Often new bloggers failed to rank their blog faster. I personally also can’t able to rank my blog when I started in 2015. Later on, I learned a few things or I can say I fixed my mistakes.

Rank Blog faster on Google

After fixing those issues, I was able to rank my blog faster than before. So If you are a new blogger or planning to start a blog then these tips can be a lifesaver for you. I hope if you follow these steps then you will also able to rank your blog on Google. Also, you will be able to generate $20000 per month from Google AdSense like me.

Info-Graphic: Tips to rank blog faster on Google

These are the following tips to Rank Blog faster on Google:

  • High Traffic Niche
  • Domain Name
  • Perfect Hosting
  • Infographic
  • Quality Content
  • Social Media Posting

High Traffic Niche:

Most of the bloggers do this mistake when they planned to create a blog. They did not do any niche research before creating a blog. Most of the bloggers started with Tech or Smartphone website which was their first mistake.

Before creating any website, they should do primary keyword research. Because it is the most important part of creating a blog. Every new blogger always should start with the Micro Niche site. Because it is easier to rank. If you want to know more about the micro-niche site and how to rank it within a few months, then check out our dedicated post on it.

Domain Name:

Initially, most of them do not do proper domain research before buying a domain. Some of them also go for the cheapest option and end up useless domains. Whenever you are ready to start something new which will eventually pay you back, then you need something in it.

If you are planning to start a blog, then you should go with .com domain. Nowadays there are lots of domain extensions available on the Internet. Some of them are really cheap ones but don’t go for it. Either you can go for .com or .net domains or you can choose to expire domains. If you planning to go for the new domain then you should to reliable sources like GoDaddy or BigRock.

I’m recommending the expire domains in the end because it is hard for new bloggers to search and buy those domains. If you don’t know how to find a perfect expire domain then you check out my guide to do it.

Perfect Hosting:

After Niche research and Domain name Google checks the speed of the website before ranking it. It is another thing where the new bloggers do mistakes as they went for the cheapest Hosting Provider. For that after doing all the above hard work, they end up doing nothing.

Hosting matters of the most, because the loading speed of your matters most for Google to rank it. If you are wondering which Hosting Provider is the best, then you should go for Blue Host. I’m using Blue Host for the last 2 years. It gives me the best services till now with almost 0 zero downtime. Before purchasing Blue Host, you should check out its pros and cons.


If you do the above things, then I’m sure you will also able generate to good amount of traffic on your blog. After people click on your blog, then you need to know how you can retain them on your site. Because it is very important for a long time Google Ranking as well as for AdSense Bounce rate.

People often love the graphical interface of your site. For that, you need to add some infographics to your site which is informative as well as looks cool. If you are wondering about where to create, then don’t worry. You can create beautiful Infographics for free from websites like or more. So don’t need to worry about it at all.

Quality Content:

With the graphical interface and cool look, the main thing you need it that content. Content is the king for any website rank in the top 10 on Google. So you need to publish good quality content on your website.

You might have a question, what is good quality content? Good Quality content refers to the high quality of well-structured content. You have to use headings and subheadings properly on your site. Along with that no grammatical mistakes. You have a problem writing in English then you can download Grammarly Extension which will help you to write without any mistakes.

Grammarly is a very small Google Chrome Extension which helps me to correct grammatical mistakes as well as miss spell sentences.

Social Media Posting:

Social Media is one of the best sources of driving good quality traffic to your blog. You have to use all the Social Media Platforms to drive traffics. Just don’t miss any platforms, use all the platforms from Facebook to Pinterest.

Rank Blog faster on Google

For now, Pinterest is the best source of driving very good niche-oriented traffics on your site. The most beautiful thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need to pay anything to them to drive traffic. I personally drive millions of traffic each month from Pinterest which also helps me generate more and more affiliate sales.

You can check out my detailed guide for generating millions of traffic from Pinterest for free. Last month only using Pinterest, I’m able to generate more than $5000 from Affiliate sales as well as Google AdSense Revenue. You can check out my complete guide on how I do Pinterest Marketing and driving traffic from it for free.

These 6 secret tips are one of the most important things for a new blogger. If you are a new blogger and if you follow these 6 secret tips. I’m sure you will able to generate a very good amount of traffics with a few months of your blog. You can also able to Rank Blog faster on Google with these above tips.

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